Improve SAP® Performance
Automatically & Optimize
ABAP® for HANA Migration

Use this automated online tool to get performance optimized & accelerated
version of a slow ABAP® program in seconds.

Easily optimize custom ABAP® codes for SAP® HANA.
Scan and detect all ABAP® performance bottlenecks in an SAP® system.

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Code Optimizer is an automatic ABAP® developer
which modifies custom ABAP® programs and increases
their performance !

How It Works

Upload ABAP® code to Novaline Service Page as a ZIP file,
and download optimized ABAP® code as a new ZIP file.

Functions and Features

Automatic SAP® Change Requests

Creates & Manages SAP® Change Requests Automatically

User Tests on Copies & Approval

Creates copy of ABAP® programs / functions automatically
for user testing & approval

System wide code scanning & Reporting

Scans all ABAP® programs in a SAP® system once a year then creates a report of programs for performance

What Are The Advantages
of Using Accelerator For ABAP®

  • Improve SAP® system performance & response time without any manual ABAP® coding
  • Make HANA custom code optimizations simpler
  • Improve performance of long running slow JOB programs in SAP® & reduce system workload.
  • Get rid of SAP® system slowdowns due to database growth over years without needing archiving
  • Get rid of slow SAP® system performance problems during CO & financial closing.
  • Get a performance quality report of ABAP® developments.
See automatic ABAP® correction types


Customer Testimonials

Said Dönmez

IT Manager - IGDAS

We have optimized hundreds of ABAP® programs by using this tool.

Just with tree steps Optimize > Test > Approve and Auto Change Request mechanism in this tool, a key user who doesn’t know coding was enough to manage this optimizations. An increase in performance ise useful in every stage in a company.

After moving our system SAP® system to new HANA database, we are still using this tool for code transformations as well.

Serdar Ivegener

IT Analyst - TEKB (Tüm Eczacı Koop. Birligi)

In our first try, we have surprisingly seen that a report responded around 40% faster than before. Now we use it for every ABAP® report and RFC functions which are running slow.

Beside automatic performance increase, this tool helps us to detect ABAP® codes which causes low performance in our whole system before our HANA migration project.

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